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Reviews in Film International:

Interview in Expose magazine:

‘’Focus’’ on film market:

‘’Prelude’’ on film market:






Centre Georges Pompidou:

Art UK:

Kunsthaus Baselland, Regionale 18 exhibition:

Kunsthalle Basel, Regionale 9 exhibition programme:

Photography Now website:

AVIFF Cannes Art Film Festival website:

Upclosed biography:


The Quarantine Film Festival, WOW 19 Bulgaria

Unseen Festival 2018

Burien film Festival, 2017

Temporal Scales, solo exhibtion at Oxford House, London:

Tulsa Overground Film and Music Festival, 2016:

Chrysalis Lens exhibition:

SOSE International Film Festival:

Medrar, In a Nutshell review in Egypt Today:

Szczecin European Film Festival:ą-nas-od-szczecin-european-film-festival-2015/


Frontale International Film festival:

Facade Video Festival 2016:

"From Nowhere", Sluice Art Fair:


Studio 3 Arts:


The Video Show, Raritan Valley Community College, 118 Lamington Road, Branchburg, New Jersey, 2017:


"What is the opposite of a computer." Video exhibition, Inner Space Chamber Gallery, Dallas, 2018

Flux exhibition, Fringe Arts Festival Bath 2017:

"Supernatural" exhibition, New Harmony Gallery, Indiana, USA


Filmideo, Index Art Center, Newark:

programme 2017:

programme 2015:

Newark Pulse on Filmideo 2015:

Time Out on Filmideo 2014:

Filmideo 2014 Facebook page:

"Transpositions", solo video exhibition, Vytautas Magnus University Art Gallery, Kaunas

Facade Video Festival:

The Video Show, Raritan Community College:

Cologne Off  X Videoart festival:

Art Video Köln programme, 2015:

CologneOff official selection, 2014:

CologneOff programme, 2014:

Video Channel Interview Project:


6th Cairo Video Festival 2014:

Attiksfabriken website :

Reel/Unreal exhibition:

From Nowhere exhibit at Sluice Art Fair:

International Streaming Festival, Holland, 2013:

International Streaming Festival, 2014:


MIA, Pasadena, USA, 2013:


Espacioenter Festival, 2013:


Horlursfestival, Sweden, 2013:


Artist/curator Hans van Lent:

Miden Video Festival, Greece, 2007:


Instants Video, Marseille, France:

aDifferent festival:

Images Contre Nature Festival 2015:

Simultan Video Festival, Romania:

Simultan Media Festival programme 2015:

Simultan Media Festival programme 2008:

Simultan Media Festival programme 2008:

2nd International fil Festival on Water, India, 2007:


NYA Short Film Fest, UK, 2014:

Curator Hans van Len’s website for Urban Explorers Festival 2014:

Roman Susan Gallery, Chicago

L'art à 20 balles

Ustructure exhibition website :


Poetry in Visual exhibition catalogue:

Photomeetings Luxembourg 2009:

Photomeetings Luxembourg 2008:

Photomeetings Luxembourg 2007:

Photography Now:

Discogs :

Vibrofiles website :

Press reviews and announcements and interviews:

 ‘’Domain and Range’’ reviewed by David Finkelstein in Film International:

‘’Focus’’ reviewed by David Finkelstein in Film International:

Ron Jäger’s film review of ‘’Capsule’’ for Szczecin Film Festival:

Barking and Dagenham Post notice of solo exhibition:

 "Little Performance" online arts magazine:

The Hunterdon County News:

 Messenger Gazette :

My Central Jersey online guide:

Tapinto online guide:

Time Out:

Video Channel Interview Project:

Interview for International Streaming Festival, 2014:

Interview in Expose magazine: on Photomeetings 2010: on Photomeetings 2009:

DPN on Photomeetings:

Tageblatt article on Photomeetings:

Mobil.volksfreund article about Photomeetings :;art764,2161094


Interview in Expose magazine:

Carpe Diem NY:

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