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Exploding Cinema Film Show, The Horse Hospital, London, UK, 18 May 2019.

9th Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival, Mumbai, India, 20 February 2019.

Lobo Fest, Ciné Brasilia, Brasilia, Brazil, 27 November-4 December 2018.

Video Art Film Club, Leyden Gallery, London, UK, 15 September 2018.

Lobo Fest, Ciné Brasilia, Brasilia, Brazil, 27 November-4 December 2018.

Video Art Film Club, Leyden Gallery, London, UK, 15 September 2018.

Unseen Festival, Counterpath, Denver, CO, USA, 1- 30 September 2018.

suRRveillance Programme screening, Cinema Perpetuum Mobile Short Film Festival, Gomel, Belarus, 24 July 2018.

The Quarantine Film Festival, W.O.W. 19, The New Museum of Networked Art, Varna, Bulgaria, 12-14 July 2018.

​​Unidxs, exhibition, Side Street Studio Arts, Elgin, IL, USA,  29 June-22 July 2018.

"What is the opposite of a computer", video exhibition, Inner Space : a chamber gallery, Dallas, TX, USA, 5-27 May 2018.

Cinema Perpetuum Mobile International Short Film Festival, Minsk, Belarus, 28 April-1 May 2018. 

Regionale 18, Kunsthaus Basellland, Basel, Switzerland, 24 November 2017-7 January 2018.

Medrar, film screening, Cairo, Egypt, 14 September 2017.

Es Baluard Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Palma, Majorca, Spain, 25 August -7 September 2017.

Ustraucture Exhibition, Theater of the City, Gjilan, Kosovo, 24-28 June 2017.

Burien Film Festival, Burien, Washington, USA, 23-26 June 2017.

Bath Fringe Arts Festival, Bath, UK, 26 May-11 June 2017.

FUSE, video projection, Ättiksfabriken Art Space, in collaboration with the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, Sweden, 12 & 13 May 2017.

Filmideo 2017, film screening, Index Art Center, Newark, New Jersey, USA, 22 & 29 April & 6 May 2017.

Festival pour un Temps Sismique, La Chaufferie Gallery, HEAR, Strasbourg, France, 9-18 March 2017.

The Video Show, video exhibition, Raritan Valley Community College, North Branch, NJ, USA, 20 February-10 March 2017.

8th Cairo Video Festival, Zawya Cinema, 4 Abdel Khalek Tharwat St., Cairo, February 2017

aDifferent Festival, experimental film festival, adifferent Cinema, Woodland Pattern Bookcenter, Milwaukee, WI, USA, 17-18 February 2017.

Hope in the Dark, exhibition, 3rd On 3rd Gallery, Jamestown, NY, USA, 21 January-24 February, 2017.

Ozark Shorts Film Festival, Lamar, Missouri, USA, 2016.

Lakecity Film Festival, Crystal Lake Resort, Oguta, Imo Nigeria, 16-18 December 2016.

FIVA 06 International Video Art Festival, Biblioteca Nacional Mariano Moreno. Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2-4 December 2016.

Frontale International Film Festival, Wiener Neustadt, Austria, 9-12 November 2016.

Szczecin European Film Festival, Szczecin, Poland, 15-24 October 2016.

7th Façade Video Festival, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 8-10 September 2016.

Southway Film Fest, Mykolalyv, Ukraine, 11-13 August 2016.

Oxford House Gallery London, solo short film exhibition, London, UK, 4-10 July 2016.

20 à l’écran Film Festival, Place Toutes-Aides, Doulon, Nantes, France, 20-21 May 2016.

Tulsa Overground Film & Music Festival, Tulsa, OK, USA, 24-27 March 2016.

13th Frames Film Festival, SIES, Navi Mumbai, India, 21-23 January 2016.

Whatashort India International Film Festival 2016.

7th Cairo Video Festival, Gezira Art Centre, Cairo, Egypt, 3-12 December 2015.

FIVA 05 International Video Art Festival, Book and Language Museum and National Library, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 30 November-2 December 2015.

Chrysalis Lens: A Brief Survey of Contemporary Video Art, exhibition, Marylyn & Chuck Klaus Center for the Arts, Marymount California University, 5-26 November 2015.

Szczecin European Film Festival, Szczecin, Poland, 18 – 26 October 2015.

SOSE International Film Festival, Yerevan, Armenia, 17-24 October 2015.

"From Nowhere", video projection at Sluice Art Fair, London, 16 October 2015.

Frontale International Film Festival, Wiener Neustadt, Austria, 14-17 October 2015.

Simultan 11th Edition, media art festival, Timisoara, Romania, 7-10 October 2015.

"Simon Welch: Four Films", solo video exhibition, Studio 3 Arts, Barking, UK, 7 September-2 October 2015.

Mostra SAUAM 2015, Anhembi Morumbi University, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 13 August 2015. 

Images Contre Nature, video festival, Videodrome 2, Marseille, France, 9-12 July 2015.

Incubarte 7, exhibition, MUVIM, Valencia, Spain, 18-21 June, 2015.

"Visual in Poetry", exhibition, Aveiro, Portugal, 26 June - 26 July 2015.

"Audiovisual Experiences", Program IV, ArtvideoKOELN 2015.

"Supernatural", exhibition, New Harmony Contemporary Gallery, Indianapolis, USA, 6 June-17 July 2015.

Filmideo 2015, film screening, Index Art Center, Newark, New Jersey, USA, 25 April 2015.

"What Are You Watching?", video screening at Stairwell Gallery, Bloomsburg, PA, USA, 11 April 2015.

6th International Camagüey Video Art Festival, Cuba, 31 March-4 April 2015.

"Transpositions", solo video exhibition at Galerija 101, Vytautas Magnus University Art Gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania, 10 March-3 April 2015

"Breaking the Fourth Wall", art exhibition, Fresh Meat Collective, Byron Cinema, Hucknall, Nottingham, UK, 28 November -12 December 2014.

"Streetlight 2", video exhibition, Roman Susan Gallery annex at Howard Theatre, Chicago, USA,  1st November - 30 December, 2014.

27th Instants Vidéo festival, Marseille, France, 7-11 November 2014.

6th Cairo Video Festival, Egypt, 8-20 November 2014.

"Short Round", film screening, Stratford-Upon-Avon Picture House, UK, 8 November 2014.

NYA Short Film Fest, Brunswick Studios, Halifax, UK, 26 October 2014.

Filmideo 2014, film screening, Index Art Center, Newark, New Jersey, USA, 27 September 2014

CologneOff X, 10th Cologne International Videoart Festival 2014, a curated programme screening at:

Miden Videoart Festival, Kalamata Greece, July 2014 ;

Syracuse International Film and Media Festival Syracuse, Italy, Aug 2014 ;

Waterpieces Video & Art Festival Riga, Latvia, Aug 2015 ;

MIVA International Videoart Festival Quito, Peru, Aug 2014 ;

Institut fuer Alles Mögliche Berlin, Germany, Sept 2014 ;

"Damen und Herren" e.V. Düsseldorf, Germany, Sept 2014 ;

Onomato e.V. Düsseldorf, Gerrmany, Sept 2014 ;

Proyector International Video Art Festival, Spain, Sept 2014 ;

Athens International Videoart Festival, Greece, Oct 2014 ;

VideoBabel - International Audiovisual Festival Cuzco, Peru, Oct 2014 ;

EuroShorts Film Festival Gdansk, Poland, Nov 2014 ;

Euro Shorts Film Festival Warsaw, Poland, Nov 2014 ;

Torrance Art Museum Los Angeles, USA, Dec 2014 ;

CeC 2015 - Carnival of e-Creativity, North Western Hills University, Shillong, Meghalaya, India, May 2015.

"Reel/Unreal" exhibition, Project Gallery, Toronto, Canada, September 2014.

"11:11", video screening, Kitchen Space artists' collective, Chicago, USA, 27 -28 September 2014.

Façade Video Festival, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, September 2014.

9th Urban Explorers Festival, Dordrecht, Holland, June 2014.

"Down to Earth", exhibition, W3 Gallery, Acton, London, UK, May-June 2014.

Fat Out Fest, Video Jam screening, Islington Mill, Salford, UK, May 2014.

Toride International Video Projection Contest, Toride City, Japan, March-May 2014.

"Streetlight : Video + Digital Media", video art exhibition, Roman Susan Gallery, Chicago, USA, February 2014.

8th International Streaming Festival for Audio Visual Art, The Hague, Holland, 2013.

"Moments in Time", experimental documentary film screening, MIA, Amory Centre for the Arts, Pasadena, USA, November 2013.

Imagen Digital video festival, Espacioenter, Tenerife, Grand Canaries, 2013.

Hörlursfestival, LAB Gallery, Sweden, 2013.

Arte Creative online video exhibition, Arte TV, France/Germany, 2011-2012.

Photo & video group  exhibition, Galerie Clairefontaine, Luxembourg, 2010.

22nd Instants Vidéo Festival, Marseille, France, 2009.

Les Yeux La Nuit video projection, Les Yeux de l’Ouïe Video Association, Nancy, France, 2009.

"Tabu", photo & video exhibition, Galerie Clairefontaine, Luxembourg, 2009.

Simultan Video Festival, Romania, 2009.

FILE 2009 video festival, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2009.

ZEMOS98 International Film Festival, Seville, Spain, March 2009.

Régionale 9,  exhibition, Künsthalle Basel, Switzerland, 2008.

Cinéréel, Pompidou Centre, Paris, 2008.

Simultan Video Festival, Romania, 2008.

"The Late Shift", video screening, Sainsbury Centre of Visual Art, Norwich, UK, 2008.

FILE Rio 2008  video festival, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2008.

"Provopolis", video screening, Norwich Arts Centre, UK, 2007.

"The Late Shift", video screening, Sainsbury Centre of Visual Art, Norwich, UK, 2007.

"Focus Periphery", photo & video exhibition, Galerie Clairefontaine, Luxembourg, 2007.

Miden Film Festival, Kalamata, Greece, 2007.

2nd International Film Festival on Water, Bangalore, India, 2007.

FILE 2007 video festival, SESI Gallery, Sao Paolo, Brazil, 2007.

Cinéfleuve, itinerant film and video festival, Germany, France, Luxembourg & Belgium, 2007.

Vidéoformes festival, Clermont-Ferrand, France, 2006.

"Eau (B-Session)", video projection, Strasbourg, 2006.

"Nomad (Load/Flow/Mix)", video festival, Bucarest, Romania, 2006.

"Boum! video night", outdoor nocturnal video projection, Mutzig Fort, France, 2006.

Collectif Insight, video installation, Strasbourg, 2005.

Les 1001 Nuits de Strasbourg, outdoor nocturnal video projection, ACECA, Strasbourg, 2005.

Simultan Video Festival, Timisoara, Romania, 2005.

"Reel Shorts", video exhibition, Saratoga County Arts Council, Saratoga Springs, NY, USA, 2005.

Les 1001 Nuits de Strasbourg, outdoor nocturnal video projection, Strasbourg, France, 2003.

"Des Limites", video exhibition, Stimultania, Strasbourg, 2003.

"Morceaux choisis", exhibition, Gallery Medium, Bratislava, Slovakia, 2003.

"Kunst Gesellschaft und Warum", exhibition, Planet Art, Capetown, S.A, 1999.

Council of Europe, exhibition, Strasbourg, France, 1998.

Galerie Stuart, exhibition, Aubigny-sur-Nère, France, 1995.

Gallery Prego, exhibition, Tokyo, Japan, 1994.

West Soho Gallery, exhibition, London, UK, 1993.

Galerie Singleton, exhibition, London, November 1993.

Smith’s Gallery, exhibition, London, April 1993.

Policy Studies Institute, exhibition, London, 1991.

Cairo Atelier, exhibition, Cairo, Egypt, 1990.

Egyptian Artists Union, exhibition, Cairo, Egypt, 1990 (sponsored by British Council).

National Girobank Competition, exhibition, Liverpool, UK, 1987.

"Merseyside Artists" , exhibition, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, UK, 1986.

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